Microchip Technology I2C/USB Bridge Board for maXTouch® Devices

Microchip Technology I2C/USB Bridge Board (ATUSB-I2C-AUTO-PCB) is designed to connect maXTouch® Devices to a PC via the USB port. The ATUSB-I2C-AUTO-PCB Board provides an interface to convert I2C and debug signals to USB and communicate with PC-based development applications. The USB-I2C-AUTO-PCB automatically adapts the voltage levels for SDA, SCL, /CHG, /RESET, DBG_CLK, and DBG_DATA signals by using built-in Level Shifters for both Object-Based Protocol (I2C) and DBG buses. The valid VDD levels for these signals are between 1.6V and 3.6V. The communication interface between the Bridge IC and the target can be handled either via the level shifter or by bypassing them.


  • Based on the AT90USB1286 8-bit Microcontroller
  • Allows connection of maXTouch devices to PCs via the USB port
  • Built-in level shifters
  • Provides an HID interface over USB to the host system
  • Provides an I2C interface (plus DBG clock and data) to the maXTouch device
  • Designed for modular connection to Microchip Automotive EVK boards
  • RoHS compliant
Published: 2018-01-29 | Updated: 2022-09-27