Microchip Technology ATmega4809 8-Bit Microcontroller

Microchip Technology ATmega4809 8-Bit Microcontroller is designed to create highly-responsive command and control applications and expand the performance of real-time control systems. The MCU combines intelligent hardware peripherals and the low-power capacity of the AVR core. The ATmega4809 uses Microchip's technologies with a flexible and low-power architecture, including an Event System, SleepWalking, and accurate analog features.

The MCU includes a high-speed ADC and easy-to-configure Core Independent Peripherals, making it optimal for a companion MCU. Use the ATmega4809 for complex microprocessor-based systems or as standalone processors in command-and-control environments.

Microchip's ATmega4809 has a 256byte read/write EEPROM with up to 48KB Flash Memory, 6KB of SRAM, and robust functional characteristics with 1.8 to 5.5V operation in temperatures ranging from -40 to 125°C. Factory-calibrated oscillators provide stable operation up to 20MHz over temperature extremes. Three low-power modes provide flexibility when balancing power consumption with processing speed.


  • 8-bit high-performance AVR RISC CPU
    • Hardware multiplier
    • Three sleep modes
      • Idle
      • Standby
      • Power Down
    • Event System 
    • Watchdog Timer (WDT)
    • Power-On Reset (POR)
    • Brown-Out Detection (BOD)
    • Single-pin programming and debugging interface (UPDI)
  • Analog Features
    • 16-Channel 10-bit ADC with Voltage Reference
    • Analog Comparator (AC)

  • Timing/Waveform/Measurement Control 
    • Configurable Custom Logic (CCL)
    • 5x 16-bit Timer (TCA / TCB)
    • Cyclical Redundancy Check (CRC/SCAN)

  • Communication
    • SPI / I2C / USART


Microchip Technology ATmega4809 8-Bit Microcontroller


Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Microchip Technology ATmega4809 8-Bit Microcontroller
Published: 2018-05-22 | Updated: 2022-10-13