Carlo Gavazzi UWP 3.0 Monitoring Gateway & Controller

Carlo Gavazzi Universal Web Platform (UWP) 3.0 Monitoring Gateway and Controller is suitable for applications in building automation, energy efficiency performance management, and car parking guidance. The UWP 3.0 system monitors and controls connected devices via its local bus management functions. The device includes a web server with a powerful and intuitive user interface to display customized dashboards and interact with local devices and remote systems. The embedded automation server enables data to be exchanged locally or remotely via standard Internet protocols. Carlo Gavazzi UWP 3.0 Monitoring Gateway and Controller is Microsoft Azure-certified for Internet of Things (IoT) and powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The UWP 3.0 also can manage the complete lighting control system based on DALI actuators, and it can operate as a BACnet/IP gateway.

An associated kit, UWP-Modem-Kit-4G-US, is designed to exclusively connect the UWP 3.0 module to 3G or 4G Internet networks throughout the U.S. and Canada.


  • Offers flexibility
  • Includes all of the necessary software tools to set up and operate the required solution, no subscriptions or additional services are required
  • Easy to exchange data with other systems via FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SMTP, Rest-API, MQTT, Modbus, and BACnet
  • System can be scaled up
  • Fast installation and setup
  • Secure against cyber-attacks and computer viruses
  • 4GB of storage to store complex configurations and log history and events
  • Microsoft Azure certified for IoT
  • Powered by AWS
  • Compact 2-DIN module
  • BTL certified


  • Energy management
  • Building automation
  • Car parking guidance


  • As many as 5000 managed signals (including variables, I/Os) can be shared among applications
  • Up to five concurrent M2M connections (API connections, BACnet clients, Modbus masters)
  • One to five users can concurrently connect to the web app
  • Up to 128 Modbus devices connected to RS485 ports (64 devices each port)
  • Up to 150 products from the CG range can be connected to the UWP 3.0

System Architecture

Carlo Gavazzi UWP 3.0 Monitoring Gateway & Controller
Published: 2021-09-07 | Updated: 2022-03-11