Carling Technologies HR Halo Illuminated Sealed Rocker Switches

Carling Technologies HR-Series Halo Illuminated Sealed Rocker Switches are perimeter-illuminated, IP68 sealed rocker switches featuring a low-profile actuator available in two or three positions. These rocker switches have various dependent (half) and independent (full) illumination options in multiple colors, momentary and maintained circuits, and up to two customizable laser-etched legends. The patented design supports various illumination options and allows the switch to be rated up to 20A 12VDC, eliminating the need for relays. The switches handle many electrical loads while sealing out dust and moisture. These low-profile, snap-in mounted rocker switches also fit the industry standard cutout of 1.450 inches x .830 inches.


  • Dynamic perimeter illumination
  • IP68 above-panel sealing protection
  • 20A, 12VDC
  • Maintained and momentary circuits
  • Various illumination options
  • Single and double pole


  • Electrical
    • Designed for 12V systems, 6VDC to 16VDC operating voltage
    • 20A at 12VDC Max. contact rating
    • The switch passes the SAE J1455 section 4.13.1 for power-up, operating voltage, over-voltage, reverse polarity, and short circuit supply voltage
    • 500Vrms AC for 1-minute dielectric strength
    • 50MΩ insulation resistance 
    • 10mΩ initial contact resistance
    • Up to 100,000 cycles (circuit and load dependent) life
    • Silver tin-oxide contact
    • Up to 10 external connector terminals, 0.110" wide silver-plated copper terminals
  • Mechanical
    • 200,000 cycles minimum (circuit dependent) endurance
  • Physical
    • Internal seals
    • Nylon, V-0 UL flammability rating base
    • Polycarbonate, V-2 UL flammability rating, painted and laser-marked actuator
    • Polycarbonate, V-2 UL flammability rating perimeter lens
    • Polycarbonate polyester blend, V-0 UL flammability rating bracket/bezel
  • Mounting
    • Snap-in method
    • 0.062" to 0.187" panel thickness range
    • 0.830" x 1.450" panel cutout
  • Environmental
    • IP68 per ISO 20653 (rating applies to front-panel components of the actual switch only) sealing
    • -40°C to +85°C (Passed the following codes: Cold Soak - IEC 60068-2-1; Heat Soak - IEC 60068-2-2; Cycling/Shock - IEC 60068-2-14) operating temperature range
    • IEC 60068-2-52, Test Kb, Severity Level 4 (test duration: 336 hours) salt spray (corrosion resistance)
    • MIL-STD-202 Method 103B, Test Condition A (test duration: 240 hours) moisture resistance
    • IEC 60068-2-5, Procedure B, 10 cycles, Total irradiation per cycle = 22.4kWh/m2 solar radiation
    • ISO 16750-5, spray or brush method (Gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oil, brake fluid, Armor All, Windex) chemical resistance
    • ASTM D1171-99, Method A, 72 hours weathering/cracking resistance
    • 40 cycles of ASTM F2357 testing with 0.25" paper at 175 grams of force abrasion/wear resistance
  • Actuator travel (angular displacement)
    • 24° 2 position
    • 12° from center 3 position


  • Marine
  • On/off-highway
  • Lawn equipment
  • Golf carts
  • Outdoor construction signage
  • Any application requiring sealing protection


Published: 2019-06-20 | Updated: 2023-05-09