Broadcom ASMB Tricolor LEDs

Broadcom ASMB Tricolor LEDs are standard LEDs that come with two variants, ASMB-TTF0-0A20B and ASMB-KTF0-0A306. The ASMB-TTF0-0A20B is designed specifically for outdoor full-color display, and the ASMB-KTF0-0A306 for small pitch display. These ASMB tricolor LEDs are available in the PLCC-6 package for ASMB-TTF0-0A20B and PLCC-4 package for ASMB-KTF0-0A306. The ASMB tricolor LEDs come with a short lead design for an easy potting process and are compatible with the reflow soldering process. These ASMB tricolor LEDs case is packed in a tape and reel form for easy pick and place assembly.


  • ASMB-TTF0-0A20B LEDs
    • Designed for full-color display
    • PLCC-6 package
    • 3.7mm x 2.8mm x 3.5mm dimensions
    • -40°C to 100°C operating temperature range
  • ASMB-KTF0-0A306 LEDs
    • Designed for small pitch display
    • PLCC-4 package
    • 2.7mm x 1.9mm x 2mm dimensions
    • -40°C to 85°C operating temperature range

ASMB-TTF0-0A20B Package

Mechanical Drawing - Broadcom ASMB Tricolor LEDs

ASMB-KTF0-0A306 Package

Mechanical Drawing - Broadcom ASMB Tricolor LEDs
Published: 2018-04-19 | Updated: 2022-07-25