Arduino MKR Environmental Shield Rev2

Arduino MKR Environmental Shield Rev2 allows an MKR board to acquire environmental data collected by an array of sensors. The sensors are the latest generation and measure for atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity, and light intensity (in LUX). Build projects and store the data collected locally. The shield has a slot for a microSD card (not provided). A ready-to-use library features examples and methods to read values from the different sensors. This provides an easy and smooth integration path.


  • ICs
    • LPS22HB
    • TEMT6000
  • Ranges
    • 260 to 1260hPa pressure
    • 0.004% rH/LSB rH sensitivity
    • ±3.5% rH, 20 to +80% rH humidity accuracy
    • UVA, UVB, and UVBI measurement
    • 0 to 650 Lux
  • Input Voltage 3.3V
  • Operating Voltage 3.3V
  • Communication I2C/Analog
  • Length 61mm
  • Width 25mm
  • Weight 32 gr.
Published: 2021-05-27 | Updated: 2023-09-28