Analog Devices Inc. HMC936A Digital Phase Shifter

Analog Devices HMC936A 6-bit Digital Phase Shifter offers 360 degrees of phase coverage, with 5.625° LSB. Rated from 1.2 to 1.4GHz, the HMC936A provides a very low 1.2 degree RMS phase error and extremely low ±0.5dB insertion loss variation across all phase states. A 0/+5V positive control logic controls the phase shifter. The device does not require a negative supply voltage. The HMC936A is internally matched to 50Ω with no external components. This high accuracy phase shifter is well-suited for EW receivers, weather & military radar, satellite communications, beamforming modules, and phase cancellation.


  • Low RMS Phase Error: 1.2°
  • Low Insertion Loss: 5dB
  • High Linearity: +45dBm
  • Positive Control Logic
  • 360° Coverage, LSB = 5.625°
  • 28 Lead 6x6mm SMT Package: 36mm²


  • EW Receivers
  • Weather & Military Radar
  • Satellite Communications
  • Beamforming Modules
  • Phase Cancellation

Functional Block Diagram

Analog Devices Inc. HMC936A Digital Phase Shifter
Published: 2016-11-07 | Updated: 2022-03-11