Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-LT5401_32FDAZ Evaluation Board

Analog Devices EVAL-LT5401_32FDAZ Evaluation Board allows the user to evaluate the performance of the LT5401. The LT5401 is an ultra-precision matching resistor network used to configure the gain of a fully differential amplifier. The onboard LT5401 is paired with a 300MHz, fully differential amplifier circuit (the ADA4932-1). The EVAL-LT5401_32FDAZ accepts either a single-ended or a differential input signal. Optimized power and ground planes ensure low noise and high-speed operation. Component placement and power supply bypassing allow maximum circuit flexibility and optimal performance.


  • Enables quick evaluation of the LT5401 with a fully differential amplifier
  • Standalone, fully differential evaluation board with high CMRR vs. frequency (82dB at 1MHz)
  • High gain precision over the full operating temperature range (0.01%)


  • Fully differential amplifiers

Required Equipment

  • Dual supply waveform generator
  • 300MHz oscilloscope
Published: 2019-12-11 | Updated: 2022-03-10