Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-CN0393-FMCZ​ Circuit Evaluation Board

Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-CN0393-FMCZ​ is designed as an evaluation board for the CN0393 Circuit. The CN0393 Circuit features two bank-isolated, simultaneous sampling data acquisition channels. Each channel uses the ADAQ7988 16-bit, 500kSPS, μModule® data acquisition system. Digital isolators separate the two power planes of the circuit. The digital host (master) connects to the primary side through an FMC connector. The primary side encompasses the digital signals going to and from the digital host. The secondary side features the data acquisition signal chain, power regulators, reference circuitry, and the ADAQ7988 digital interface signals. CN0-393 evaluation software allows easy interfacing with the circuit.

The Analog Devices EVAL-CN0393-FMCZ​ works in conjunction with the high-speed SDP-H1 controller board. The SDP-H1 controller board is part of Analog Devices' system demonstration platform (SDP) (EVAL-SDP-CH1Z). The EVAL-CN0393-FMCZ​ and SDP-H1 controller board connect through a 160-pin FMC connector. This configuration enables quick setup and evaluation of the performance of the CN0393 Circuit. Once connected, the SDP-H1 board interfaces with the CN-0393 Evaluation Software to operate the circuit.

Published: 2017-09-28 | Updated: 2022-04-25