Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-ADuCM350EBZ Evaluation Kit

Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-ADuCM350EBZ Evaluation Kit is designed for use with the ADuCM350 16-Bit Precision Low-Power Meter-On-A-Chip with Cortex-M3 and connectivity. Using the EVAL-ADuCM350EBZ kit enables designers to migrate from sensor investigation and analysis to full ecosystem development. The EVAL-ADuCM350EBZ Evaluation Kit includes an ADuCM350 motherboard and a selection of analog front end and digital peripheral daughter boards.


  • ADuCM350 motherboard
  • Selection of daughter boards for analog front end and platform validation
  • 3 power supply options:
    • 2.5V to 3.6V from an external power supply
    • 5V from interface/emulator board
    • CR2032 battery connection
  • Interface options
    • UART and serial wire through 8-pin
    • J-Link OB connector
    • Trace capability
  • Power indicator/general-purpose LEDs
  • Reset, download, and external interrupt push-buttons
  • Supercapacitor and thermistor capability
  • USB connectivity
  • 8-pin connector to the interface/emulator board
  • Access to ADuCM350 platform pins through Digital Header 1, Digital Header2, and CapTouch header
  • 32.768kHz external crystal and 16MHz external crystal

Kit Contents

  • 1 Eval-ADuCM350EBZ board
  • 1 USB-SW/UART-EMUZ also known as J-Link OB emulator
  • 1 ADuCM350 4 Wire Bio Config 3 board
  • 1 breakout board
  • 1 USB cable

Associated Daughterboards

EV-ADUCM350-4WBCZ - 4 Wire Bio Config daughterboard (see schematic)
EV-ADUCM350AUDZ - Daughterboard to verify Beeper and I2S functionality
EV-ADUCM350-BIO3Z - 4 Wire Bio Config daughterboard (see schematic)
EV-ADUCM350DISZ - Board with large Captouch pads and a PDI display connector
EV-ADUCM350GPIOTHZ - Board with an LCD display to verify GPIO functionality
EV-ADUCM350-SMCZ - Switch Mux Config daughterboard

Published: 2014-11-13 | Updated: 2022-03-11