Analog Devices Inc. DC2787A Demo Board for LTC7821 Controllers

Analog Devices Inc. DC2787A Demo Board for LTC7821 Controllers delivers 12V/100A with the input voltage from 40V to 60V. This demo board features the LTC®7821 hybrid step-down synchronous controller with an architecture that merges a soft-switching switched-capacitor topology with a traditional step-down converter. This provides superior efficiency compared to the traditional switching architectures. The external MOSFETs of the DC2787A board switch at a 400kHz fixed frequency and can be programmed from 200kHz to 1.5MHz. This whole set of features makes the DC2787A demo board a highly efficient polyphase hybrid step-down converter.

The powerful 1Ω N-channel MOSFET gate drivers of LTC7821 maximize efficiency and can drive multiple MOSFETs in parallel for higher power applications. This DC2787A demo board provides a cost-effective solution for nonisolated intermediate bus applications in power distribution, datacom, and telecom as well as emerging 48V automotive systems. 


  • Evaluates a high power density LTC7821 hybrid step-down synchronous converter
  • Delivers 12V/100A with an input voltage from 40V to 60V
  • Offers a high efficiency/high density and cost-effective solution
  • High efficiency:
    • 97.6% (typical)
    • 98% (peak)
  • 400KHz switching frequency

Performance Waveforms

Performance Graph - Analog Devices Inc. DC2787A Demo Board for LTC7821 Controllers
Published: 2019-12-31 | Updated: 2022-03-10