Analog Devices Inc. ADM861x Supervisory Circuits

Analog Devices ADM861x Ultra-low Power Supervisory Circuits monitor power-supply voltage levels and code execution integrity in microprocessor-based systems. Operating with a typical ultra-low power consumption of 92nA and a ±1.3% threshold accuracy over a -40°C to +85°C temperature range, Analog Devices ADM861x Supervisory Circuits are well-suited for efficient power systems such as battery-powered portable devices and energy meters.

The ADM861x product offering includes several series categorized by factory preset voltage monitoring threshold options. The ADM8611, ADM8612, ADM8613, and ADM8615 Supervisory Circuits can reset on-demand through the manual reset input. The watchdog function on the ADM8613, ADM8614, and ADM8615 monitors the heartbeat of the microprocessor through the WDI pin. The ADM8613 and ADM8614 include a watchdog disable input, which allows the designer to disable the watchdog function, if required. The ADM8614 features a watchdog timeout extension input, enabling the watchdog timeout to be extended from 1.6 seconds to 100 seconds.


  • 92nA (typical) ICC ultra-low power consumption
  • Continuous monitoring with no blank time
  • Pre-trimmed voltage monitoring threshold options
    • 10 options from 2V to 4.63V for the ADM8611 series
    • 20 options from 0.5V to 1.9V for the ADM8612/ADM8615 series
    • 5 options from 2.32V to 4.63V for the ADM8613/ADM8614 series
  • ±1.3% threshold accuracy over the full temperature range
  • Manual reset input (ADM8611/ADM8612/ADM8613/ADM8615)
  • 200ms (typical) reset timeout
  • Low-voltage input monitoring down to 0.5V (ADM8612/ ADM8615)
    • Watchdog timer (ADM8613/ADM8614/ADM8615)
    • Watchdog function disable input (ADM8613/ADM8614 only)
    • Watchdog timeout extension input (ADM8614 only)
  • Active low, open-drain RESET output
  • Power supply glitch immunity
  • 1.46mm × 0.96mm WLCSP
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range


  • Portable/battery-operated equipment
  • Microprocessor systems
  • Energy metering
  • Energy harvesting

Functional Block Diagrams

Published: 2018-07-19 | Updated: 2023-02-16