Analog Devices Inc. ADIS16507 Precision, Miniature MEMS IMU

Analog Devices Inc. ADIS16507 Precision, Miniature microelectomechanical system (MEMS) inertial measurement unit (IMU) that includes a triaxial gyroscope and a triaxial accelerometer. The ADIS16507 provides a simplified, cost effective method for integrating accurate, multiaxis inertial sensing into industrial systems.

The ADIS16507 MEMS IMU features inertial sensors that combine with signal conditioning optimizes dynamic performance. The factory calibration characterizes each sensor for sensitivity, bias, alignment, linear acceleration (gyroscope bias), and point of percussion (accelerometer location). As a result, each sensor has dynamic compensation formulas that provide accurate sensor measurements over a broad set of conditions.

All necessary motion testing and calibration are part of the production process at the factory, greatly reducing system integration time. Tight orthogonal alignment simplifies inertial frame alignment in navigation systems. The serial peripheral interface (SPI) and register structure provide a simple interface for data collection and configuration control.

The ADIS16507 is available in a 100-ball, ball grid array (BGA) package that is approximately 15mm × 15mm × 5mm.


  • Triaxial, digital gyroscope
    • ±125°/sec, ±500°/sec, ±2000°/sec dynamic range models
    • 2.3°/hr in-run bias stability (ADIS16507-1)
    • 0.13°/√hr angular random walk, x-axis and y-axis, 1σ (ADIS16507-1)
    • ±0.25° axis to axis misalignment error
  • Triaxial, digital accelerometer, ±392m/sec² dynamic range
    • 125µm/sec² in-run bias stability, x-axis and y-axis, 1σ
  • Triaxial, delta angle and delta velocity outputs
  • SPI compatible data communications
  • Programmable operation and control
    • Automatic and manual bias correction controls
    • Data ready indicator for synchronous data acquisition
    • External sync modes: direct, scaled, and output
    • On demand self-test of inertial sensors
    • On demand self-test of flash memory
  • Single-supply operation (VDD): 3.0V to 3.6V
  • 14,700 m/sec2 mechanical shock survivability
  • Operating temperature range: −40°C to +105°C
  • Factory calibrated sensitivity, bias, and axial alignment
    • Calibration temperature range: −40°C to +85°C


  • Navigation, stabilization, and instrumentation
  • Unmanned and autonomous vehicles
  • Smart agriculture and construction machinery
  • Factory/industrial automation, robotics
  • Virtual/augmented reality
  • Internet of Moving Things

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. ADIS16507 Precision, Miniature MEMS IMU
Published: 2019-12-13 | Updated: 2022-03-10