Analog Devices Inc. AD810 Low Power Video Op-Amps

Analog Devices Inc. AD810 Video Low Power Op-Amps are high-speed, HDTV-compatible, and current feedback video operational amplifiers that are ideal for any broadcast quality video system. These Op-Amps exhibit 0.1dB flatness specification at a bandwidth of 30MHz (G = +2) and the differential gain with phase of 0.02% and 0.04° (NTSC). The AD810 amplifiers work well as an ADC or DAC buffer in video systems due to its unity gain (G = +1) −3dB bandwidth of 80MHz. The disable feature of these video amplifiers reduces the power supply current to just 2.1mA when an amplifier is not in use to conserve power. The AD810 amplifiers are ideal for power sensitive applications such as video cameras offering a low power supply current of 8.0mA (maximum). Typical applications include multimedia systems, digital tape recorders, video cameras, ADC or DAC buffers, and DC restoration circuits.


  • High speed:
    • 80MHz typical −3dB bandwidth (G = +1)
    • 75MHz typical −3dB bandwidth (G = +2)
    • 1000V/µs typical slew rate
    • 50ns typical settling time to 0.1% (VOUT = 10V step)
  • Ideal for video applications:
    • 30MHz typical 0.1dB bandwidth (G = +2, VS = ±15V)
    • 0.02% typical differential gain (VS = ±15V)
    • 0.04° typical differential phase (VS = ±15V)
  • Low noise:
    • 2.9nV/√Hz typical input voltage noise
    • 13pA/√Hz typical inverting input current noise
  • Low power:
    • 8.0mA maximum supply current (quiescent)
    • 2.1mA typical supply current (power-down mode)
  • High performance disable function:
    • 100ns turn off time (typical)
    • Break before make guaranteed
    • Input to output isolation of 64dB (off state)
  • Flexible operation:
    • Specified for ±5V and ±15V operation
    • ±2.9V typical output swing into a 150Ω load (VS = ±5V)


  • Professional video cameras
  • Multimedia systems
  • NTSC-, PAL-, and SECAM-compatible systems
  • Video line drivers
  • ADC or DAC buffers
  • DC restoration circuits

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Analog Devices Inc. AD810 Low Power Video Op-Amps
Published: 2019-07-08 | Updated: 2022-03-10