Analog Devices Inc. AD5691, AD5692, & AD5693 nanoDAC+ DACs

Analog Devices Inc. AD5691R, AD5692R, & AD5693R nanoDAC+® Digital to Analog Converters are low power, single-channel, 16-/14-/12-bit buffered voltage output DACs. The devices include an enabled by default internal 2.5V reference, offering 2ppm/°C drift. The output span can be programmed to be 0V to VREF or 0V to 2 × VREF. All devices operate from a single 2.7V to 5.5V supply and are guaranteed monotonic by design. 

The devices are available in a 2.00mm × 2.00mm, 8-lead LFCSP or a 10-lead MSOP. The internal power-on reset circuit ensures that the DAC register is written to zero scale at power-up while the internal output buffer is configured in normal mode. The AD5693R/AD5692R/AD5691R contain a power-down mode that reduces the current consumption of the device to 2μA (maximum) at 5V and provides software selectable output loads. The AD5693R/AD5692R/AD5691R use an I2C interface. Some device options also include an asynchronous RESET pin and a VLOGIC pin, allowing 1.8 V compatibility.


  • 2mm × 2mm, 8-lead LFCSP Ultra-small package
  • ±2LSB maximum at 16 bits High relative accuracy (INL)
  • 2ppm/°C typical Low drift, 2.5V reference
  • 2.5V or 5V Selectable span output
  • ±0.06% of FSR maximum Total unadjusted error (TUE)
  • ±1.5mV Maximum offset error
  • ±0.05% of FSR maximum Gain error
  • 0.1nV-sec Low glitch
  • 20mA High drive capability
  • 1.2mW at 3.3V Low power
  • 1.8V to 5.5V Independent logic supply
  • −40°C to +105°C Wide operating temperature range
  • Robust 4kV HBM ESD protection


  • Process controls
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Digital gain and offset adjustment
  • Programmable voltage sources
  • Optical modules

Block Diagram

Analog Devices Inc. AD5691, AD5692, & AD5693 nanoDAC+ DACs
Published: 2014-04-21 | Updated: 2022-03-11