Analog Devices Inc. AD-PZSDR2400TDD-EB Evaluation Board

Analog Devices AD-PZSDR2400TDD-EB 2.4GHz TDD analog module supports the high performance, highly integrated AD9361 RF Agile Transceiver. Referred to as the first "RF Personality Card", the AD-PZSDR2400TDD-EB gives the designer a path for conditioning the AD9361 transmit and receive signals. The 200MHz to 2.7GHz SPDT switch, which is controlled by the FPGA and accompanying software, selects the TX or RX path. The module's transmit path includes a 2.4GHz filter, Driver Amplifier, and HMC921 2W Power Amplifier. The receive path consists of the 2.4GHz filter and the low-loss Low Noise Amplifier.

Kit Contents

  • 2 u.FL to u.FL cables
  • 4 spacers
  • 4 screws
  • Nuts
Published: 2016-07-22 | Updated: 2020-05-20