ams OSRAM TSL2740 ALS & Proximity Sensor Evaluation Kit

ams OSRAM TSL2740 ALS and Proximity Sensor Evaluation Kit includes everything needed to evaluate the TSL2740 ALS/proximity sensor. The device features advanced digital Ambient Light Sensing (ALS) and proximity measurement. The hardware consists of the EVM Controller, the TSL2740 EVM daughter card, and a USB interface cable. The controller board provides power and I2C communication to the daughter card through a seven-pin connector. When the controller is connected to the PC via USB, a green LED flashes to indicate the system is getting power.

Kit Contents

  • TSL2740 daughter card PCB with TSL2740 sensor and LED installed
  • EVM controller board V2.2 used to communicate USB to I2C
  • USB cable (A to Mini-B) connects the EVM controller to PC
  • Flash drive includes application installer and documents
Published: 2019-03-29 | Updated: 2023-06-23