Amphenol Pcd Pegasus Connectors

Amphenol Pcd Pegasus Connectors are twist-and-lock, scoop-proof connectors that provide the same convenience and weight savings of the Luminus series, with the added benefit of EMI shielding and protection from ambient noise transients. EMI shielding is provided by an electroless copper and nickel plate, and a copper alloy spring finger gasket. Tests show greater than 50db of attenuation for low-end signals (<100Mhz) and greater than 40db of attenuation for high-end signals (<1Ghz). This level of isolation makes Amphenol Pcd Pegasus Connectors ideal for aviation and vehicle actuators, missile guidance and control systems, avionics sensors, and UAV control systems.


  • Molded plastic locking ring with anti-rotation (panel mounting) offer security in high vibration and shock environments
  • Solder wash standoff feet and two-thread cutting screws holes (PCB mounting) help to ensure solder joints do not bear stress during installation and pass through vibration and shock when panel mounted
  • Silicone O-ring environmental sealing and stack up tolerance
  • Electroless nickel plate EMI Shielding for improving signal integrity
  • Lightweight ULTEM material for rugged, environmental resistance (175°C)
  • Nickel over copper plate for EMI shielding (DO160 Section 21, L&M)
  • Highly reliable ¼ turn CAM lock, bayonet-style mating for ease of use, blind mate connections
  • High shock and vibration resistance for high-stress applications
  • Multiple sizes, keys, and configurations meet all application needs


  • Aviation and vehicle actuators
  • Missile guidance and control systems
  • Avionics sensors
  • UAV control systems
Published: 2014-10-20 | Updated: 2023-08-14