Adafruit 3416 16-Channel PWM/Servo Bonnet for Raspberry Pi

Adafruit 3416 16-Channel PWM/Servo Bonnet enables easy motor control for the Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer (SBC). The PWM/Servo Bonnet can drive up to 16 servos or PWM outputs over I2C with only 2-pins. This board can also do PWM up to 1.6KHz with 12-bit precision, completely free-running. The PWM/Servo Bonnet works with any servo that can be powered by 5V and take 3.3V logic level signals. The Python library provides a quick startup.

Note: The Adafruit 3416 16-Channel PWM/Servo Bonnet does not include the Raspberry Pi, servos, or the required 5V power supply.


  • Includes Servo Bennet, 2-pin terminal block, 2.1mm DC jack, and four 3x4 headers
  • 65mm x 30.4mm x 8mm PCB; 8.5g


Published: 2018-04-24 | Updated: 2022-08-22