ACEINNA OpenIMU335RI Evaluation Kit

ACEINNA OpenIMU335RI Evaluation Kit is a hardware platform used to evaluate the OpenIMU335RI inertial navigation system and develop various applications. The Evaluation Kit features a JTAG (SWD) 20-pin header, STLink/v2, and developer cable. The ACEINNA OpenIMU335RI Evaluation Kit includes special housing with a JTAG connection for development/debugging.


  • OpenIMU335RI EVK
  • Special Housing with JTAG connection for development/debugging
  • ST-Link debugger for in-system development of application code
  • Fixture and Interface JTAG board
  • Development cable with ampseal 16-6 position to dual DB9
  • CAN 2.0 Connection DB9
  • RS232 Connection DB9
  • Flying Lead for power connection

Required Equipment

  • PC or MAC
  • USB Port (2.0)
  • Internet connection
  • External DC power supply able to provide 100mA at 9VDC to 32VDC

Kit Contents

  • OpenIMU335RI Evaluation kit fixture and JTAG header board
  • ST-Link debugger
  • OpenIMU335RI Breakout cable
  • OpenIMU335RI Connector

Board Overview

ACEINNA OpenIMU335RI Evaluation Kit
Published: 2021-05-28 | Updated: 2022-03-11