Abracon AMPLA SMD Molded Power Inductors

Abracon AMPLA SMD Molded Power Inductors work for applications requiring soft saturation, high current handling, and interference protection. Abracon AMPLA inductors feature metal powder cores with higher power densities for lower DC resistance (DCR) and lower core losses when compared to traditional ferrite inductors. These surface-mount molded power inductors also provide optimal electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding for low buzz noise in environments with switching frequencies as high as 2MHz. These components work ideally for DC/DC conversion in compact spaces requiring high power, high efficiency, and EMI suppression. AMPLA inductors offer a wide range of package sizes for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.


  • Magnetic powder optimized for high saturation current
  • Molded construction for superior magnetic shielding
  • Low DC resistance (DCR) inductors for better thermal efficiencies
  • High current density for reduced package sizes
  • Designed for switching frequencies between 100KHz and 2MHz


  • DC/DC converters and switch-mode power supplies
  • Speakers
  • Commercial, residential, and industrial lighting
  • Industrial pumps
  • Servers / switches / routers
  • Drones and robotics
  • Power tooling


  • -55°C to +125°C operating temperature range
  • Rated currents from 4.0A to 52.0A
  • 2.0mΩ to 47.0mΩ DCR at 1µH
  • 0.1µH to 100µH inductance
Published: 2020-04-28 | Updated: 2023-09-11